Chicken Coop Run

In the build of the chicken coop off our barn, HERE we posted that we built our coop inside our barn. For the run we were lucky enough to run across a guy who wanted to get rid of an old chucker pen outside his garage. He said if I tore it down I could have it. We used the 4’x10′ wire panels from that and they worked perfectly.

This is us laying out the pressure treated posts off the barn, it will be 10’x20″


After that, we leveled up the ground and laid out hardware cloth vertically and put concrete blocks over that.



Missed some steps, but we added the metal panels onto the blocks and added the rafters (or is it trusses?)

IMG_20150419_191820193 IMG_20150418_143906


Finally we added on the metal roof



Please let us know if you have any questions


Edit 4/11/16


Added THIS chicken door/ramp to the run





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