Ohio/Hover Brooder

For our boilers inside our Chicken Wagon we decided to go with a hover brooder. There are many plans online and most of them are the same. We mostly followed THIS one but made it 2’x4′ and used scraps from the wagon project.




We were having a hard time getting it to not be to hot, we are having 40* swings between day/night. We purchased a temperature controller through Amazon that will shut off one of the two heat lamps if it gets to warm. Its also nice because it shows what the current temperature is inside of the brooder.



The next pictures of the brooder in use.

**Note** When we were building the brooder, I had some nice cable/power management setup but we decided that we would just control temperature by taking out bulbs or using a smaller size. This proved to be a pain, so I had to do a quick wire/power job to get the controller setup. Once we remove the brooder ill update this page. The water is also coffee colored because we have some Big Ole Bird probiotic in it.






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