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Chicken Run Flip Down Door/Ramp

Our chickens are free range, however they do get locked up behind a closed run and an automatic door nightly and let out very early in the morning. When we go to let them out they are all patiently waiting by the man door. When they go in/out they have to hop to the bottom of the door and back down, its about a 10″ Rise. We never liked the hard jump they did getting out, it looked very jarring. Our rooster is the worse, probably because of the additional weight? Here is an image of what they had to go over.




We decided to put into a small door closer to theĀ groundĀ just for the chickens. We found THIS one on Pinterest, but it looked like the link was broke, so we decided just to make something like it.


Below are the images of what we added and its open/closed state.