Chicken Coop

When we purchased our place, we knew one of the first livestock animals we wanted were Chickens, Unfortunently where our house sat, we couldnt really put a coop next to it, we decided for security from predators we would take a corner from our barn and make that into the coop. We would then put an automatic door that goes into a covered run. Here are some images from the project


Cleaned out the corner of the barn we wanted to usewpid-wp-1424617346672.jpeg


We dug under the foundation and ran a pipe that connected to the french drain on the outside of the barn, this will be used for washing out the coop



We built the forms, mixed our concrete and started leveling it up



We had two walls that we had to frame in, one of them that was the back of the existing horse stall, the other the wall on the inside of the barn. We then added electrical to give us outlets for heat lamps/fans and the automatic door

wpid-wp-1424617826784.jpeg wpid-wp-1424617865983.jpeg


On the wall that goes into the inside of the barn, we added a door, a window and the nesting boxes.



We added insulation to the walls, more for keeping the coop cool in the summer rather warm in the winter.



I wired in the automatic door using the car antenna method



We did all the walls in plywood and painted the inside with a gloss white for easy cleanup, we then finished the wall going into the barn in the same wormwood cedar that we removed from the horses stall.wpid-wp-1424617998762.jpeg


After going back and forth, we went with the “Poop Board” idea and filled it with Sweet PDZ, sand and a little DE.







That’s about it, let us know if you have any questions. I will do a new post on how we did the run.


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